About us

We are a web-based store that specializes in selling products with big demand in the market. Our goal is to create a community known for having the best customer service, and also the one that everyone wants to be part of. We aim to have everyone come back to us whenever they need to buy anything with the best quality and price, therefore, we are willing to offer our products at the lowest price possible.

As some of you will notice, we only serve to certain niches, and we have various communities throughout social media and the internet in general, that make sure our products are being exposed to the right audience, this is part of our business model, and this will be the one we will be using in the future as well. 

Our store started with a simple idea of creating a place where people could find unique designs and get them in the style, color, and size of their choice. 

We are based in Florida, and we are currently working with non-online stores that are selling our products in different locations. We will always try to expand our reach, so we can have more people using what we make.